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Monthly Archives: May 2021

5 Foods That'll Keep You Young face Forever

5 Foods That’ll Keep You Young face Forever

The scariest thing for a woman like us That is, wrinkles and premature aging skin. To know in my heart that everything will change naturally But please keep the time as long as possible Because no woman wants to look shabby, right? If so, you have to turn to

5 exercises Lose belly fat

5 exercises Lose belly fat

 Anyone who wants to have a flat stomach, show off the perfect figure, wear anything, be confident, today we have 5 exercises. Lose belly fat, a posture that you can practice at home. Without the need for complicated equipment Practicing will help you burn calories, lose fat and lose

5 Anti fungal acne cream

5 Anti fungal acne cream

The cause of fungal acne can be cause by many things. Factors together Most of the time, we know better. Basically, bacteria are the culprits, but! In addition to bacteria There is another infection that can cause acne as well, that is, “fungus”, which fungi can result in “fungal

5 foods you shouldn't eat before exercising

5 foods you shouldn’t eat before exercising

Exercising, recently, many people have turned to pay more attention to their health. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak That has not disappeared Plus, there are still new waves that keep coming back. Maintaining the body to be healthy is always a very important issue, which is easy to maintain