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"Give away ideas on how to think of daily food"

“Give away ideas on how to think of daily food”

During detention times, many people have to stay at home for several days. Most of the food to eat friends. Probably relying on delivery service, right? But as time goes by, the idea of ​​looking for something to eat gets more and more. I can’t think of anything to

"Surf Skate" with good health benefits

“Surf Skate” with good health benefits

It can be said that it really surpasses all sports with Surf Skate, which is a combination of skateboarding and surfing. As for the reason It became so popular, it was because during the viral epidemic, people were craving for surfing, making it one of the

"Mushrooms" nutritional value, good health

“Mushrooms” nutritional value, good health

Among all the foods, “mushrooms” are unique. Because in biology, mushrooms are neither plants nor animals. But in a way food is classified as a vegetable. Mushrooms are therefore one of the main dishes that vegetarians enjoy and are a favorite for health lovers. Including delicious food lovers will not miss

6 Ways to "walk to stimulate metabolism"

6 Ways to “walk to stimulate metabolism”

Walking to stimulate metabolism It cannot be denied that “walking” is one of the daily activities of each person. Some people use walking for health care, such as walking to work, walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Walk to talk to your coworker instead of

6 Skin problems that come with "hot weather"

6 Skin problems that come with “hot weather”

Into the summer again Plus, intense sunlight can cause us to cause skin problems too, so hurry and prepare for it today for beautiful, healthy skin for a long time. 1. Skin burns from sunburn When having to stay in the sun for a long time May cause skin burns

The Biggest Food And Health Trends of 2022

The Biggest Food And Health Trends of 2022

2022 means the start of a new decade. It also means another year of change in the food and health space. What will drive consumers in the coming year? What new and noteworthy methods or ingredients will set the internet ablaze? Well, we think we