“8 ways to say goodbye to hair loss”

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Defeat hair loss by eating and sleepingn

Hair loss, baldness, there are a variety of reasons, I books crown of grace by Dr. Somneuk. Amorn Siripanich Has identified the major factors that cause hair thinning in both men and women that

Related to nutrients and hormones, such as women who enter Menopause Take birth control pills Or some diseases that can cause changes in hormone levels, such as tumors that produce hormones outside of the body’s control. Including stress that causes changes in hormone levels And sometimes hormonal disorders May affect the efficiency of absorption of various nutrients. Causing malnutrition until hair loss.

How to say goodbye to hair loss

1. Do not let the body lack iron. Iron is an essential nutrient for hair. Help build hemoglobin Which is a conductor of oxygen Strengthens the structure of the hair, 80-90 percent found that women with hair health problems during menopause. Often accompanied by anemia Therefore, you should eat foods containing iron or iron supplements.

2. Abstain from tea, coffee, or both of these beverages. Will reduce the ability to absorb iron If it can be avoided, it will be of great help.

3.Eat vitamin C It is a vitamin that helps iron absorption better, so it is best to eat fruits that are high in vitamin C.

4. If taking birth control pills Should be supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Birth control pills may lower levels of vitamin B complex and zinc, which are important for hair. Therefore should eat these additional nutrients such as oats, whole grains, beans, green leafy vegetables.

5. Do not take too much vitamin A If getting nutrients that are too high in vitamin A It can cause hair loss, so be sure to eat a variety. Not more or less is the best.

6. Fatty acids are essential. Linoleic acid and alpha linolenic acid It is a substance that the body is unable to produce on its own. Found in whole grains, spinach, ufabet online.

7. Stop stressing as said. Stress causes hormone levels to change. Less appetite The absorption of nutrients is not fully. When nutrients are not reached Hair can fall out too, so relax your mind. Get enough rest So that the brain can relax, see some, a lot of help

8.Avoid pollution Both alcohol and heavy metal substances Emitted from various manufacturing processes and industries Causing the absorption of nutrients to decrease And can accumulate in the hair.

Mainly, you need to develop a balanced diet. Eat a variety of food Get the nutrients they need And most importantly Relax your mind find recreational activities to make free time. It will solve the problem in the long run. Helps your hair stay with us for a long time, confirmed.