Hair remedies to turn your a perfect day

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Perhaps on some days, my story doesn’t seem to be in the hearts of us at all. And still like it as a day that must have important matters to go Or have an urgent job If anyone who likes to meet like this Let’s hurry and look at the techniques we are about to share. I certify that I can definitely manage my hair problem or Bad Hair Day.

1: The ends of the hair are not ideal.

In the late days, I didn’t seem to settle easily. Or in the morning there is no time to wash your hair Therefore causing the tip of my hair to not point into shape, a simple technique to use water to rub on the tip of the hair dry Then use a brush to comb it and drive into shape. Finish with a styling balm. Or mousse to lock it to last all day The spray is not recommended. Because it will make me look tough Unnatural

Percy & Reed Abudantly Bouncy Volumising Mousse size 50 ml. Price 300 baht

2: Grilling the pan is full, but I forgot to have a meeting

Complete without stop. Remembered again that the meeting with the management continued Most of them will be remedied with hairspray or perfume, but if any hairspray is not carried at this point, we recommend keeping your hair as neat as possible. Because usually for the most part Various smoke smells Will cling to the ends of the hair rather than at the root of it Will help keep the smell from spreading

Dove Hair Protection Spray size 60 ml. Price 79 baht

Innovative Hygienic spray that cleans hair without rinsing. Plus it is super fragrant Reduce the accumulation of bacteria 99.99% Advanced Hygiene technology with Tea Tree Complex to nourish and soften it. Lock moisture to make your hair soft like new shampoo.

3: No time to color your hair until it is completely whiter

Now there is a spray off white hair. Or mascara to cover it, all on sale Can be used to fix problems first But if anyone really does not have time Try using a stylish headband. Expected to be closed. Plus now being in as well

L’Oreal Paris Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer Spray, $ 379.

It is a spray off white hair that is very easy to use. Just spray it off the white hair immediately. Plus a natural look Does not flow stain during the day as well. There are 6 shades to choose from.

Beige leather headband from MANGO, price 990 baht.

4: I want to keep my hair neat. But faced a problem with my children being messed up all over

Another problem that girls. A lot of my children have to meet all the time. Where did my child tie me up? I want to tighten it up to look neat. But I don’t want to use gel or spray because it looks good. And it is not natural. We wants to say that you use it as a balm-based product. Or oil is the best

UTENA Matomage Hair Styling Stick Super Hold, 299 baht

We can tell you that it is a very work tool. She is a balm that opens the lid immediately. Can wipe it down on my pointing ball that bother me immediately Full, not sticky, it does not look natural, stays in shape all day long.

Plus Eau Point Repair price 345 baht

This Japanese girl loves her a lot. Because it is good The variant is like a mascara, but bigger than it is. Swipe it down and immediately smooth the grip. Can be used all day when collecting hair Or the day that I let me lock the hair so that it does not point to point, it can be done. Plus the scent

5: Curly frizzy during the day

In the morning, roll out curls and curls and straighten out. But in the afternoon, the curls of the hair were broken and shattered If anyone has encountered this, we recommends that the technique of leveraging the curls back without having to recoil the curling. That is, braiding. Will be braided into a single braid Alternatively, a double braid can be braided tightly and then left for a few hours. Ready to party

Aveda Phomollient ™ Styling Foam Size 200 ml. Price 1,000 baht

It is a watery foam that has a light texture. Help fill the volume And lock curls to stay in a beautiful shape for a long time all day And protect hair from various heat

Share both techniques And a helper of this size, who has these hair problems? You have to take a method to try it out. There will be no more Bad Hair Day words for girls.

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