How to “wash your hair”, solve the problem of oily hair

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How to wash your hair, solve the problem of oily hair. The weather was hot and hot and the sun was so strong that sweat was all sticky. Until it may cause oily hair problems Has an unpleasant smell to follow. Today Goodlife will introduce how to wash your hair typical of Japan. That reduces the problem of oily hair. And hair loss from the cause If you are ready, let’s go see it.

The first empty pool

Some people may think that The process of washing the hair. Starting from when we apply the shampoo on the hair. But actually For Japanese people The shampooing process starts from the process of getting your hair wet.

Instead of just pouring water on your hair. Keep your hair wet And then start washing with shampoo quickly We should pay more attention to the empty pool process. By watering the hair and scalp thoroughly. Let your fingers massage all over the scalp. Cleaning the scalp is the first step. And encourage better circulation.

Do not pour the shampoo directly on the hair.

The shampoo is poured directly into the hair. It will cause the shampoo to not spread evenly over the entire head. To pour the shampoo onto the wet hair and rub the shampoo until the lather on the hair directly. Will cause the hair to rub against Until it is not soft, shiny, shiny, we should rub the shampoo into a lather first And then used to wash your hair For in Japan It is recommended to use a foaming net. Beat the shampoo into a lather first. And then bring those bubbles to wash your hair.

Focus on cleaning the scalp as the number one.

Some people might think that The correct shampoo is to wash the “hair” to be spotlessly clean. But actually The part that we should pay attention to is the “scalp” because it is the sebaceous glands. If we do not clean enough Will cause a blockage Accumulate dirt Until it is the cause that makes hair oily, hair loss, causing a bad smell Therefore, we should focus on cleaning the scalp by using fingers to massage them all over.

Don’t scratch hard

Do not scratch your head with violence Because when your hair is wet, it is the time when our hair is most delicate and needs special care. We should wash your hair gently. By using your fingers to massage around to stimulate blood circulation better. And clean it thoroughly.

Take time to wash the shampoo.

Many people tend to spend a long time with shampoo. Then rinse the design hurry, but in fact The more time we spend in shampooing We should rinse with water for a long time, moreover, rinse thoroughly and thoroughly. Special emphasis on washing the occipital area. Since the occipital area is where shampoo tends to flow together here. Until it is difficult to wash thoroughly

If the hair is not completely washed, it will cause clogging. Can accumulate in the scalp area.

Just as we can wash your hair properly. Good for our hair health From the scalp to the tip of the hair If you do this regularly will reduce the symptoms of oily hair And fall off easily to get a lot better Let’s go and do it together.