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5 exercises Lose belly fat

5 exercises Lose belly fat

 Anyone who wants to have a flat stomach, show off the perfect figure, wear anything, be confident, today we have 5 exercises. Lose belly fat, a posture that you can practice at home. Without the need for complicated equipment Practicing will help you burn calories, lose fat and lose

If you want to exercise, but how to start?

If you want to exercise, but how to start?

Want to exercise But how to start? “No time, doctor,” is the classic answer when I ask patients about exercise. it is known to affect overall health and reduce the risk of developing a wide range of respiratory diseases. Circulatory system To psychiatric disorders So I took this opportunity to inspire us to

"10 walking methods to cure osteoarthritis"

“10 walking methods to cure osteoarthritis”

We have to walk every day. From walking up to going to bed and one day we have to put our weight on both legs for hours. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, on average, humans walk 8,000-10,000 steps a day, which means that in

How To Exercise For Good Health

How To Exercise For Good Health

Exercise is an activity that involves physical exertion or physical movement that takes many forms. Regular exercise is good for your health. By helping to organize the body and regulate emotions well, as well as to enhance the physical performance in various aspects such as endurance, strength, balance and

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“yoga” poses to keep you active on lazy days

Why do we often feel tired? Until sometimes it becomes laziness, such as lazy getting lazy, walking lazy, or even lazy to eat. it has come. One of the main causes is physical exhaustion. Which may be caused by stress or inadequate rest Weakens the body As a result, our

Exercise, Cardio vs weight training

Exercise, Cardio vs weight training

There are various forms of exercise depending on the skills and interests of each person. May be broadly divided into an exercise in cardio and weight training. But if you want to exercise specifically for weight loss , what type of exercise should be the most appropriate? What is cardio? Cardio exercise is “cardio”, that is, cardio

"How to exercise to sleep well"

“How to exercise to sleep well”

Many people have trouble exercising though. After exercising, I was exhausted, exercised and I could not sleep. Or the time to wake up is not refreshing. Today we have a way to exercise to sleep well and wake up as happy as every time.      The

"Surf Skate" with good health benefits

“Surf Skate” with good health benefits

It can be said that it really surpasses all sports with Surf Skate, which is a combination of skateboarding and surfing. As for the reason It became so popular, it was because during the viral epidemic, people were craving for surfing, making it one of the

6 Ways to "walk to stimulate metabolism"

6 Ways to “walk to stimulate metabolism”

Walking to stimulate metabolism It cannot be denied that “walking” is one of the daily activities of each person. Some people use walking for health care, such as walking to work, walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Walk to talk to your coworker instead of