How To Exercise For Good Health

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Exercise is an activity that involves physical exertion or physical movement that takes many forms. Regular exercise is good for your health. By helping to organize the body and regulate emotions well, as well as to enhance the physical performance in various aspects such as endurance, strength, balance and flexibility as follows:

  • Endurance keeps the heart healthy. For the body to transport oxygen to the cells better and not easily tired when doing strenuous activities.
  • Strength helps you to carry heavy loads and perform activities that require the use of muscles.
  • Balance helps balance. Including moving the body without falling easily
  • Flexibility makes it easier to stretch, crouch, or move the body.

What are the exercise types?

There are many forms of exercise. People tend to choose to exercise only that interests them. However, getting all the exercise done will improve every aspect of physical fitness. By exercise is divided into four main types: aerobic exercise. Muscle training exercises Stretching And exercise to enhance balance as follows

Aerobic Exercise

this type of exercise is considered essential to the proper functioning of the body. By helping to improve the heart rate and breathing. Helps to expand the walls of blood vessels Lowering blood pressure Burn excess fat in the body. Lowering blood sugar levels Reduce inflammation And increase the level of good fats. Aerobic exercise, coupled with weight loss, can also help lower cholesterol levels. Do at least 30 minutes of continuous activity per day or 150 minutes per week. Such as brisk walking, swimming, jogging, biking, or rhythmic activities.However, aerobic exercise should be within reasonable limits. 

Should not overdo it until the breath is dizzy, sore or tight in the chest. Or a burning sensation in the middle of the chest, should warm up or loosen the muscles every time. Sip enough water during exercise. People with certain health problems, such as heart failure or kidney disease. Should limit their fluid intake as prescribed by their doctor. Do not drink too much water while exercising. In addition, dress should be appropriate for the weather in the event of outdoor exercise. And not exercising in places that are too cold or too hot. As it may be Heatstroke  if the weather is very hot. Or low body temperature in case of extreme cold

Strenght Training

the body loses muscle mass with age. Muscle training will help build muscle that is lost. Which can use the equipment for muscle training Elastic band for exercise. Or various home use applications for muscle training, which should exercise large muscles 2 days or more a week. And train the muscles for about 30 minutes at a time without training the same muscle groups for 2 days in a row. This type of exercise will help keep the muscles strong. Stimulate bone growth Reduce blood sugar Help control weight Helps to posture, body and balance. Including reducing stiffness or pain in the lower back and joints, however, exercise and muscle training should be consider safety for health is important.

  • You should start lifting weights or dumbbells that weigh about 0.5-1 kg to allow your body to adapt. Starting from light weight first Then add more weight Since starting training with too much weight equipment can injure you.
  • Gradually increase the weight To develop performance in muscle training
  • The muscle training equipment should have a weight that the practitioner can do at least 8 times in each set.
  • Each muscle should be trained. Begin lifting or exercising for 3 seconds, holding for 1 second, and returning to the starting position for another 3 seconds. But should slow down
  • You should train each muscle for 10-15 times if you can’t complete it. May do as before And gradually increase in number
  • Do not hold your breath while training your muscles. This may cause changes in blood pressure. Especially those with heart health problems
  • Should breathe regularly while exercising. By breathing through the nose And exhale through the mouth Or breathe in and out both through the nose and mouth in case of shortness of breath, should be exhaled when exercising. And take a breath as soon as possible
  • Should exercise in each position slowly and correctly in the management point. Should not be too rushed To prevent injury
  • Do not contract the joints, arms or legs while in a stressed position.
  • Muscle pain and fatigue may appear a few days after training the muscles. These symptoms will disappear after a few weeks of exercising.