“How to exercise to sleep well”

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Many people have trouble exercising though. After exercising, I was exhausted, exercised and I could not sleep. Or the time to wake up is not refreshing. Today we have a way to exercise to sleep well and wake up as happy as every time.

     The norm of urban life 9:00 pm is home time Not in time to do anything, just take a shower, wash the hair, slide the mobile phone a little bit, it’s already 11 p.m. It’s time to go to bed Because tomorrow morning six and a half is a deadline to leave the house. Before going to work late because traffic jam life has changed

     And then it’s time to exercise Just when I was sleeping, it was almost non-existent. But if not exercising Health will not be good. I have seen each other say that in just 30 minutes a day, life is good. Of course, what time is it?

     Already know Both activities are necessary for human beings. Especially sleep Many studies say with one voice, Daily activities affect sleep. And sleep affects the body, so exercise and sleep are interrelated factors that keep us healthy.

How do we exercise to sleep well?

Eating foods high in protein before bed

Eating protein before bed will help your body build muscle and recover your strength. Most of us consume protein only at meals. Our bodies will digest them into amino acids. And used to build muscle in different parts Which amino acids from meals will not help build muscle at night It may cause us not to use the body to the full. Therefore, consuming protein-rich foods or snacks before bed will make your body better benefit from building muscle.

Increase the level of exercise

Exercise for just 20 to 30 minutes of sweating 2-3 days each week. Is enough for a good sleep But if you can exercise harder or longer than that, it is better. Because it will help make it easier to sleep

Sleep a little faster, increase the urge to exercise

If we sleep more We will exercise longer. When the body enters a tired state The brain tries to instruct the body to reduce its use of energy. Therefore, sometimes If you feel very tired We may lose our will to exercise or feel that it is difficult to sweat, so one way to get rid of it is: Going to bed 30 minutes earlier to allow the body to rest more than usual. And when waking up We will have a greater desire to exercise.

Find a good place to exercise. Or nature

A place is part of exercising, making it more fun, or giving you more motivation to exercise, such as a 24-hour fitness or listening to music.

Run in the morning and lift the iron at dusk.

You should put your cardio workout as the first activity in the morning. And exercising using exercise machines at the gym or fitness center is an after work activity. Seems to be most suitable for deep sleep

Research from the Appalachian State University reports that people who dance aerobic at seven a.m. Will sleep the deepest Deep sleep is considered to have the most beneficial effects on the body than people who exercise cardio during the afternoon and evening hours.

     There are some precautions If exercising in the morning Body temperature is the same as when we sleep. Which means Our body is in a state of sleep. It’s not time to exercise And if exercising until you sweat too much Will cause the body to have a high temperature for longer than normal Therefore, if you want to ufabet exercise immediately after waking up It is suggested that you should wait 1-2 hours to reduce the chance of these symptoms. And will be more beneficial to the body