“yoga” poses to keep you active on lazy days

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Why do we often feel tired? Until sometimes it becomes laziness, such as lazy getting lazy, walking lazy, or even lazy to eat. it has come. One of the main causes is physical exhaustion. Which may be caused by stress or inadequate rest Weakens the body As a result, our muscles lack flexibility or mobility as well. However, if the body does not move much Muscles lack flexibility only. So what can you do to transform yourself from a lazy person into an active girl? we have a solution for Yoga posture.That will help the body move better And helps the muscles to be more flexible. Emine Basarir, Herbalife Nutrition trainer, has introduced “yoga” poses that combine flexibility and agility. To help enhance the performance of the body even better Start with choosing the right time to stretch your muscles. Let’s go see, what position are there? To make them an active girl

3 “yoga” postures to relax the muscles Increase flexibility for active girls

“Yoga” Than Pigeon emphasizes the hip muscles

“Than Kige” is a good “yoga” pose. That will help open up girls’ hips And stretching the muscles and tendons around the hips As well as lateral thigh ligament Extends to the outer hip line Which this position will make the girls Has beautiful rounded hips too This begins with sitting and stretching the thighs out to the back. Then contract the abdomen and hold for 10-15 seconds and then switch sides. This exercise will stretch the hip muscles. And reduce symptoms of stiffness of the sciatic nerve Which is recommended that people with leg pain do this pose This will help stretch the muscles that connect the spine and legs. And helps stretch the groin and the muscles of the inner thighs Will help get rid of leg pain Guarantee if you do this pose on a regular basis. Will get rid of the fatigue in the thighs

“Yoga” Lei posture increases the mobility of the thighs

Yoga “steering wheel” stretches the hips and inner thighs. Including the spine This exercise works well for your pelvic floor and hip joints. It also helps to tighten the abdominal muscles, helping women with a flat stomach. And improves blood flow in the pelvic area as well Begin by standing straight in a prep position. Feet are shoulder-width apart. Then squat down into a squat position Keep your knees apart at an angle perpendicular to the floor. Then place your hands with your elbows between your legs, your spine straight, your shoulders relax, transfer your weight to your heels and let the girls hold this position for about 30 seconds, then loosen the pose and start again. This pose relaxes the muscles and increases flexibility in them a lot. Let’s try to do it.

“Yoga”, snake pose, stretch back muscles

The last pose is yoga. “Snake pose” is a very basic yoga pose. By focusing on the flexibility of the muscles in the trunk, arms and shoulders to relieve back pain especially Because of this yoga exercise will focus on the spine. Makes blood flow better. More importantly, it also helps massage the abdominal muscles. To reduce menstrual pain And also cure constipation for women With problems with the digestive system For this position, start from lying on your stomach, then slowly push your body up with your hands. Until you feel that your back is bent as much as you can, let the girls count and hold for 10-15 seconds before repeating 10 more times. This pose is recommended. And if you want to have a slimming shape, beautiful breasts, tightened buttocks, this position is appropriate … lady  

How are you doing? Did you see the benefits of “Yoga” yet? And 3 postures that we have chosen for the girls to follow to help the body relax the muscles and increase their agility Which each position also helps the girls Has a better body and figure too Try to do it as well. Certainly the laziness from the exhausted body will disappear for sure. But if it’s general laziness, this one has to adjust their behavior and lifestyle.