5 Foods That’ll Keep You Young face Forever

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The scariest thing for a woman like us That is, wrinkles and premature aging skin. To know in my heart that everything will change naturally But please keep the time as long as possible Because no woman wants to look shabby, right?

If so, you have to turn to take care of yourself. By choosing to eat foods that are good for health and skin, especially those that you eat, help your young face to slow down the aging process, making us look younger. That’s it, it allows us to spend time without having to rely on Botox. The Foods That’ll Keep You Young Forever as follows !!

1. Papaya

 Papaya is a fruit that is easy to find. Helps to excrete well Papaya contains substances called carotenoids. Is an antioxidant Help make our skin more beautiful and healthy. In addition, papaya contains lycopene, which can help nourish the body. And can help nourish the skin another way

2. Broccoli

 Broccoli is an easy vegetable to eat. It’s very high in vitamins and protein too. Plus helps to slow down the aging process Because it is a vegetable with a lot of vitamin C and protein. Which of these 2 nutrients can directly nourish the skin. Therefore, eating broccoli is remembered. Therefore can help slow down aging and nourish the skin to make the face clear and clear skin.

3. Quinoa

It is very high in fiber, contains Anti-inflammatory substances and also contains anti-oxidants. Which is a substance that helps to slow down aging Causing us not to get old quickly Which quinoa is easy to eat By cooking mixed with rice Or if anyone is familiar with it, you can eat it instead of rice. Or can be eaten with salad It can control your weight well, and it also helps your child’s face as well.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric contains a substance called Curcuminoid, a type of antioxidant. Which can help slow down aging Help kill various viruses Including various bacteria such as E. coli in the gut And Candida In addition, turmeric can also help nourish your skin.

5. Amla

 If you want vitamin C but don’t want to get fat because of the sugar from the fruit We recommend Makhampom. Because vitamin C in other fruits Often has sugar hidden as well But tamarind is very low in sugar.