5 foods you shouldn’t eat before exercising

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Exercising, recently, many people have turned to pay more attention to their health. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak That has not disappeared Plus, there are still new waves that keep coming back. Maintaining the body to be healthy is always a very important issue, which is easy to maintain a healthy body. That is the exercise itself. But in addition to exercising will make the body stronger It can also be used to help control weight and lose weight another way with it.

But it’s not just that we can exercise for weight loss only. Choosing to eat foods that stimulate metabolism is another way that helps us lose fat from the body faster ( 7 foods to eat before exercise help burn the muscles ), but when there is food. We should eat during exercise and there are foods that should not be eaten before exercise as well. Today we go to see that 5 foods that should not be eaten before exercise. Hinder metabolism What is intermittent exercise so we can be careful not to accidentally eat it?

1. Salad

Although the salad is known as a healthy food. Because the dish contains a lot of low-calorie vegetables. Including in vegetables, there is also a lot of fiber. But because of this fiber, it can be a problem when we exercise. This is because fibers may cause bloating, abdominal discomfort, or in some people it may be abdominal pain, wanting to have a bowel movement. It can affect your exercise.

2. Fried food

Fried foods are high in fat. Eating fat before exercising May result in the body not pulling the accumulated fat out Instead, choose to burn the fat that we ate last. Eating high-fat foods Before exercise, it may not have a good effect on people who are looking to lose weight.

3. Processed food

Processed foods contain both fat and sodium. And, as we all know, you shouldn’t eat foods that are high in fat before you exercise. As for the matter of sodium When we eat before exercise, it may result in the body becoming dehydrated faster than before. Because during exercise, the body will lose a lot of water. When consuming sodium, it will stimulate the body to become dehydrated faster.

4. Spicy food

Although chili contains capsaicin that stimulates metabolism. However, you should not eat chili and spicy food. Before exercise Because spicy food can irritate the stomach And may result in acid reflux disease

5. Soft drinks

Soft drinks are very high in sugar. When we eat foods that contain high amounts of sugar. Before exercise Will result in abnormal sugar levels in the body Including soft drinks can also be a stimulant to induce flatulence as well. If we feel refreshed To drink cold water is enough.