7 day urgent belly reduction formula

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The formula to reduce belly fat urgently for 7 days. Let’s plan to say goodbye to belly fat. Don’t leave the hill for too long. The fat will focus on Until I can’t get out in order to reduce the likelihood that may be cause by the inability to find food according to the recipe This time, we have arranged a program to match the light slides of today’s girls. So, don’t wait, let’s start the mission of reducing belly fat and conquering fat.

  • Day 1: Mix Mushroom Soup or Boil Vegetable Chili Paste or Vegetable Salad with Japanese Style Dressing
  • Day 2 A large plate of mix fruit, papaya, carrot juice, apple, beetroot or fruit salad.
  • Day 3 Salmon Salad Japanese salad dressing or Italian style
  • Day 4: Tom Yum Mackerel with Tamarind Leaves or Tuna Salad or Grilled Mackerel with Chili Paste, Boil Vegetables
  • Day 5 Salmon Steak or Grilled Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce or Salmon Sashimi
  • Day 6 Miang pla mackerel (no noodles) or mackerel chili paste with blanche vegetables or
  • Day 7 Tuna Salad with Yogurt Dressing

After completing 7 days, go back and do 1 more rounds on days 1-7. After 2 weeks, I can assure you that the fat will be dissolve and your belly will be reduce for sure. Your weight will be lost at least 1-2 kg. After that, you try to The formula for reducing belly fat is as follows:

Recipes and menus, Diet to reduce belly

  • Breakfast can be eat with anything with rice. That do not use fried food or coconut milk curry
  • For lunch, eat Tom Yum vermicelli or Yenta Pho vermicelli. or vermicelli soup or vermicelli salad
  • Dinner should be eat before 18.00 and abstain from starch in the evening. Including vermicelli. Food to eat as soup or tom yum soup, anything 1 cup, such as tofu soup with minced chicken Tom yum fish in clear soup or steamed fish with lemon.

Follow the aforemention formula to lose belly fat and lose fat until 1 month. It is guaranteed that your weight will drop at least 3-4 kilograms, which is consider a plan of action to reduce belly and conquer fat half of your success. If it’s halfway through, I see that I have to go back and start again for 1 more round. This time, I’d have to say goodbye to fat for a long time.