“Give away ideas on how to think of daily food”

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During detention times, many people have to stay at home for several days. Most of the food to eat friends. Probably relying on delivery service, right? But as time goes by, the idea of ​​looking for something to eat gets more and more. I can’t think of anything to eat today. What dishes will you choose that are unique ? Let’s solve the problem of daily menu ideas with 7 fun food ideas. A better follow-up model. Ensure that you can solve the boredom and solve the problem of thinking about the food you want to eat as well. Anyone who is at work from home or has to order food to eat every day You can try to use these 7 ideas to create a food menu together.

Want to know what to eat today? Have 7 fun ideas to try to help you figure out what to eat in a realistic way.

Lucky draw

Since I can’t figure out what to eat today, we can draw lots of lucky numbers By allowing us to write a list of all kinds of food on the paper If you can’t imagine what menu to write, you can mimic the menu from a la carte or general restaurant. Then tear the paper off and roll or fold it to make a simple label and put it on a mug or jar. Then, when it came time to think of a menu, a random label was picked up. Whenever you catch a menu, you can order that dish. Guaranteed to help solve the problem of meal ideas for sure. 

Mimic a menu from your favorite series or movie

Sometimes instead of ordering a la carte from the same restaurant Try turning that day into a special one by choosing to order food that is close to the food menu from the movie or series that we like. Such as the most popular and hot menu In this period, there are fried chicken from the series Vagabond, kimchi soup and Korean style soup from Itaewon class, deep fried fermented milk from Gilded Chopsticks, etc. We can take the guidelines from the series as an order option. Food compatible And when the food is received, make sure to eat it, and watch the series. Double your insights into favorite movies and series.

Let the tarot cards predict !

Anyone who is a moo must try this method. Because we have a tarot deck that the card itself is a whole food deck like the Food fortunes tarot deck. Let’s introduce the tarot deck, this deck draws a variety of food menus with a focus on western food and bakery. If you can’t imagine what to eat today, you can shuffle the cards and pick up a fortune-telling tarot card. Pick up any card and keep it as an idea to order food to eat that day. In addition to using random food ideas Can also be used to predict the actual horoscope as well

Go to Google to find food ideas

Can’t think of anything, tell Google if your friends really can’t figure it out. What to eat today Then try to use something like Google to find the menu that we want to eat Or a menu that we have been impressed by from a favorite restaurant Whether it is a restaurant close to home Famous restaurants that used to eat regularly Or you can try to find a delicious ramen shop, ramen style , taxi, tilt shop. You can also look for ideas from other people. Who can come and ask questions as well It is a quick and easy way for people looking for a daily menu.

Randomly based on numbers from the bank

This idea comes from the ‘ It’s a sneaky ‘ page, the way it is to randomly pick up the banknote from our wallet. Then compare the last four numbers according to the picture Get the result for whatever menu is, order that dish As for anyone who wants to add something special, it can be compared according to the bank value table in the form. The reason for having to be random from the bank is because the chance of getting new numbers More diverse The random menu will be unique. It is a method that can be used for a long time. Throughout the week.

Randomize a menu from a cookbook

This is another way to get ideas on what to eat today. Just take a cookbook and open it randomly. When opening any page, any menu, you can order food according to the open menu. For those who don’t have a cookbook, they can go to the recipe website like cookpad and search for a random menu. Or try to add conditions for yourself a little more, such as looking for a boiled menu, a fried menu, a stir fried menu, by choosing to make a third menu from the top search results, etc. You can set the conditions yourself for fun and exotic.

Make the menu schedule in advance

This method is for girls. Organized What do you like to plan in advance? So, let’s make a list of the food items, what to eat today. Making a menu table in advance will help cut the problem of thinking about the menu. It also allows us to see the full picture of the foods that we will eat throughout the week. Making it possible to adjust the food menu to suit your health as well as possible