Healthy food, healthy eating

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Healthy food, healthy eating, previous research tells us that certain foods can Can be used as a substitute for medicine in maintaining health Examples of food that are good for your health.

chocolate with almonds

Studies have shown that eating this diet slows alzheimer’s disease. Thought to be a result of the antioxidants in nuts. Recommended to eat almonds 60 grams per day.

fish, Healthy food

Magnesium helps asthma sufferers by reducing the frequency and severity of their asthma symptoms. Magnesium is abundant in fish. Advise asthma patients to eat fish. Seafood at least once a day.

vegetable, Healthy food

People who ate fried or boil vegetables were 75 percent. It less likely to develop arthritis than those. Who didn’t believe. The mineralize vegetables were better absorb.

Grapes help the bleeding of the teeth, Healthy food

Vitamin C deficiency causes gingivitis and bleeding. Grapes have enough vitamin C to prevent vitamin C deficiency.

Water helps reduce bad breath

Many people use Min to reduce bad breath. Bad breath is cause by sulfurs substances in the mouth. Drinking water frequently will help flush out the ferment substances in your mouth, reducing bad breath.

Wine may help treat diarrhea

Wine, whether white or red, contains bismuth. Which is use to treat diarrhea. Drinking one glass of wine a day will stop the growth of bacteria in the gut before it can cause disease.

Tomato juice helps in hangover people, Healthy food

A person drinking alcohol and having nausea indicates that he or she is deficient in potassium, calcium and sodium, which is abundant in tomato juice. And to drink water accordingly to speed up the recovery of the patient

A spoonful of sugar to cure hiccups

Pour 1 tablespoon of sugar in your mouth and swallow. Sugar will stimulate the throat, causing the hiccup to disappear.

Bananas relieve cramps

After working hard or playing sports, the muscles are deplete of minerals causing cramps. Eating bananas and drinking the water accordingly will help solve this problem.

Meat without it will help slow down the occurrence of baldness

Zinc deficiency can lead to hair loss. Beef without fat contains a lot of zinc, which helps slow down hair loss.

Sterile people should eat folic acid

Men with low infection are advise to eat foods containing folic acid. Because this vitamin will accelerate the division of sperm. And DNA synthesis

vanilla in ice cream prevents prostate cancer

The boron contained in vanilla can protect against prostate cancer.