“Mushrooms” nutritional value, good health

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Among all the foods, “mushrooms” are unique. Because in biology, mushrooms are neither plants nor animals. But in a way food is classified as a vegetable. Mushrooms are therefore one of the main dishes that vegetarians enjoy and are a favorite for health lovers. Including delicious food lovers will not miss the mushroom menu.

Many people know that mushrooms. What is the answer to a very healthy diet? Because mushrooms have a high nutritional value. Instead, it contains less fat, calories, sugar and salt. It is a real healthy food. On the Medical News Today website, eating more mushrooms reduces your risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. It also has two other advantages: it can also help take care of your skin and hair.

Mushrooms are not just mushrooms.

Probably know that Mushrooms are neither plants nor animals. But arranged as a royal for a few minutes Which is a highly evolved mold The mushrooms we see grow from the underground or on the decaying tree stumps, down to the bottom are tiny fibers. Branching into a large network covering a wide area. It could be said that under the land where mushrooms were found, it was the mushroom kingdom. Where the fertile area is suitable for growth, there will be mushrooms.

Mushrooms cannot make their own food as they do not contain chlorophyll. Mushroom food comes from the degradation of organic matter. Most of the mushrooms are propagated by means of abundant microscopic spores, stored in the shade of the mushroom. When growing up at a mushroom bloom Mushroom spores spread through the air. If it falls into the right environment, it will first grow into a branching fiber. And then gradually grow into a mushroom Mushroom hyphae may be as short as a few months. But if you are in an environment with a rich food May live up to hundreds of years ever It is a remarkable story of mushrooms.

10 healthy mushrooms

1. Ganoderma lucidum

Lingzhi has solid red flesh, shiny, shiny like lacquer, not soft and crunchy like the common mushrooms we eat. Classified as a kind of herb Hailed as a spiritual mushroom. In Japan, Lingzhi is called a mushroom for ten thousand years, because it is eaten and has a smart and longevity. 

It is one of the most popular herbs around the world. There are several notable features. Since resisting tumors and cancer Ganoderma lucidum is used as a cancer treatment in conjunction with modern medicine. It also helps fight free radicals. Anti-inflammatory Strengthen the immune system in the body. Care for the nervous system Reduce the level of sugar and fat in the blood. Take care of the circulatory system Stomach and intestines, allergy treatment, asthma, detoxification, help with sexual performance and infertility, etc.

However, some people when using Ganoderma lucidum may develop allergic reactions such as drainage, dry mouth, bloating or rashes, etc. that need to be observed a little.

2. Shiitake

Shiitake mushrooms or shiitake mushrooms Classified as a precious food and also an elixir That is because it has outstanding properties in the fight against cancer. Against pathogens like viruses Relieve cold symptoms It stimulates the immune system and nourishes the shiitake mushroom stalks that are rich in beta-glucan, thus reducing the fat in the blood which causes dangerous diseases such as clogged arteries. Cerebrovascular disease And ischemic heart disease Shiitake mushrooms are also rich in vitamin D. Help strengthen bones and teeth

But have to be careful If eating as a supplement or medicine Especially people with underlying disease should study the possible allergic reactions or consult a doctor first. As for the dried shiitake mushrooms, if dried in the sun, they have more vitamin D than those in the shade. But there are some precautions If you are unsure of where to buy it, avoid the dried shiitake water. Because it may contain carbon disulfide used in dried shiitake mushroom soup to prevent insects. Note that they can be kept for too long and there are no insects to disturb at all, they should be avoided. And buy from a reputable source

3. Maitake Mushroom

Is a type of rare mushroom Japanese people have been making herbal medicine for 1,000 years, rich in antioxidants. Prevent hardened arteries and stenosis. Lowering blood pressure levels Helps prevent heart disease and cerebrovascular disease, slow down aging, contains beta-glucan. Helps prevent heart disease and cerebrovascular disease.

Helps slow down aging. Contains beta-glucan. Help build the immune system Resist germs, including viruses And also destroys abnormal cells such as tumor cells and cancer cells Help lower blood sugar levels Inhibit glucose uptake Prevention and treatment of diabetes It also lowers the cholesterol level in the blood and helps control weight and not gain obesity.

4. mushroom truffle

Truffles are commonly found underground around oak trees, they are both black and white. The white is rare and more expensive. Truffles are the most expensive mushrooms in the world. It is expensive because it is underground. 

A unique scent that is unique. Make everyone addicted The truffle serves as a garnish, just a thin slice of it and sprinkled it on the dish makes the dish instantly special. Truffles are beneficial for health as they are rich in antioxidants. It helps to increase immunity, resist pathogens, reduce inflammation, slow down aging, take care of the liver and eyes. As well as helping to get rid of cancer cells

5. Fungus    

Rats, or black ear mushrooms, are easy to find and inexpensive, but don’t underestimate them because they are high in carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and iron and contain vitamin B2 to help fight free radicals. The ear mushroom also contains adenosine, which has the ability to initiate platelet adhesion. Prevent thick, viscous blood clogging in the arteries. Help prevent heart disease High blood pressure Helps to increase the strength of white blood cells Build the body’s immune system, nourish the power, relieve coughing. Reduce constipation problems Heavy menstruation and discharge Helps to take care of internal organs such as lungs, liver, kidneys, stomach and intestines.

6. Straw Mushroom

Straw mushroom is another mushroom that is more valuable than its home look. It is easy to find, but bruises easily, and must be cooked within a day. Straw mushrooms contain B vitamins and vitamin C. Help to take care of the eyes, prevent colds, prevent scurvy. Reduces blood fats Prevent cerebrovascular disease and heart, high fiber, help with bowel movements and body weight control. 

Help strengthen the immune system Inhibit the occurrence of cancer cells Reduce symptoms of infection in the body Help the wound heal faster Helps reduce bruising and swelling in the body. Help the work of the liver Reduce the rash or itching on the body

7. Champignon Mushroom

Champignon or Button Mushroom The plump, round, appetizing white color has always been popular in western kitchens. Besides the delicious taste Still high in fiber, good for the digestive system Rich in vitamins and minerals Contains antioxidants Stimulate the immune system Helps to repair cells in the body It helps to reduce cholesterol and lipid levels in the blood. Make the blood flow better Helps to remove toxins from the body And also help fight cancer Especially breast cancer One study shows that eating half a cup of champignon mushrooms a day can stop the growth of breast cancer. Women generally eat less than half a cup a day to reduce the chance of breast cancer.

8. Ehedocn

Mushrooms, also known as termite mushrooms. Because this type of mushroom likes to depend on the anthill With a special delicious taste over many other types of mushrooms

So it is very popular Just steamed mushrooms with fish sauce is a well-known dish. Mushrooms are expensive. Several hundred baht per kilogram Because the plant is not successful Must find it from the forest in the rainy season, waiting to rise naturally Recently, farmers began to successfully cultivate the mushroom. But the price of the mushroom is still high.

Mushrooms have many health benefits. Both help nourish the appetite, heal dysentery, and suppress typhoid. Reduce nausea and vomiting It also relieves coughing and dissolves phlegm.

9. Oyster mushroom

Oyster Mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, phutan mushrooms, abalone mushrooms, erinji mushrooms (Luvang oyster mushrooms) are delicious mushrooms in the oyster mushroom family. Abalone is a very popular type of mushroom due to its firm, meaty taste. Oyster mushrooms are high in vitamin B1, B2 and are rich in folic acid. Suitable for pregnant mothers Oyster mushrooms are good quality protein as they are low in fat suitable for weight loss. It is also good for many aspects of health. Prevents anemia, beriberi, and also helps with blood circulation.

Reduce the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Eat not obese, so it is suitable for people who want to lose weight. Reduce body aches and pains The antioxidants in oyster mushrooms fight free radicals and various pathogens, including colds, and help fight inflammation within the body.

10. Puffball

Puffball or baked mushrooms are one of the most popular local mushrooms in our country. The deliciousness of puffed mushrooms is in the crispy shell. Bitten and then it becomes loud and then gradually meets with the soft texture inside. Puffball mushrooms are a little hard to find. 

Because only during the rainy season In the general market there are not many for sale. The look of the puffball when walking in the market is not eye-catching and is unbelievably delicious. With a small round appearance with a dark color that looks ragged because of the soil If you buy it for cooking, you must wash the soil thoroughly before cooking.

Puffball mushrooms contain a variety of nutrients, including minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, niacin and vitamin C, which are beneficial for antioxidants. Inhibit the occurrence of cancer cells, nourish the body, help reduce inflammation, bruising, swelling, reduce fever, help cool the body, cure heat in traditional Chinese medicine, used to stop bleeding and heal wounds. 

There are a few suggestions for eating puffballs: You should choose puffballs, the color is not too dark and black because it will be old. Puffball mushrooms that are old have a sticky crust should not be eaten. May cause indigestion Can cause indigestion