Top 4 Foods For A Flatter Stomach

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Foods For A Flatter Stomach. Effective weight control In addition to exercising regularly Diet is equally important, so when it comes to weight control. Therefore, we should think of a menu that does not add fat to the body. So that the body burns fat more efficiently. No excess fat around the abdomen And the food that has been eaten helps a flat stomach. Not a bloat belly that we bring to the screen today In addition to making a weight control menu can still eat for a lifetime. For anyone who likes to eat but doesn’t like to exercise, let’s go see top 4 foods for a flatter stomach.


Broccoli is consider high in fiber. Helps to stay full for a long time and also contains linoleic acid (Linoleic Acid) that can help break down fat in the digestive tract. and improves the efficiency of nutrient absorption Can do many menus Including a menu for people who control weight.

chicken breast

skinless chicken breast It is considered the main food of the clean line that has it all. Because there are no carbohydrates in chicken breasts. very little fat But it is rich in protein that helps to strengthen muscles. In addition, chicken breasts can be adapted in many dishes to reduce the repetition of each meal.

white fish

Freshwater white fish Rich in protein, easy to digest and also low in fat. It’s easy to find because it’s been a menu for Thai people for a long time. Therefore, we can choose to eat fish in many menus. In addition to reducing the monotony in meals. It does not add fat to the body as well.

Brockton choline

It is a vegetable that is high in fiber and low in energy. In 100 grams of broccoli, only 34 kcal of energy. In addition to having high fiber that helps in excretion. It is also rich in iron, nourishing the blood and various vitamins. that helps nourish the skin to be radiant Not shabby during the time we lose weight as well.