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Healthy food, healthy eating

Healthy food, healthy eating

Healthy food, healthy eating, previous research tells us that certain foods can Can be used as a substitute for medicine in maintaining health Examples of food that are good for your health. chocolate with almonds Studies have shown that eating this diet slows alzheimer’s disease. Thought to

Exercise, Cardio vs weight training

Exercise, Cardio vs weight training

There are various forms of exercise depending on the skills and interests of each person. May be broadly divided into an exercise in cardio and weight training. But if you want to exercise specifically for weight loss , what type of exercise should be the most appropriate? What is cardio? Cardio exercise is “cardio”, that is, cardio

"5 Recipes scurf, Makes the skin smooth"

“5 Recipes scurf, Makes the skin smooth”

Any woman who is looking for a way to get rid of scurf, keep the skin clean and safe for the skin. Today we would like to bring you 5 natural formulas that help get rid of scurf thoroughly and share it to be able to try and

"Quinoa" benefits and side effects that may occur

“Quinoa” benefits and side effects that may occur

Quinoa is one of the best cereals in the group. “Super Food” or the ultimate food that is beneficial to the body that people love to eat a lot of health. Quinoa is a grain that has a certain smell. But if cooked properly, it will help bring out the mild

"How to exercise to sleep well"

“How to exercise to sleep well”

Many people have trouble exercising though. After exercising, I was exhausted, exercised and I could not sleep. Or the time to wake up is not refreshing. Today we have a way to exercise to sleep well and wake up as happy as every time.      The

"Including a serum for sensitive skin"

“Including a serum for sensitive skin”

Facial skin care is indispensable. Whether you have dry skin that is oily or sensitive skin because they face cream before bed. This will help our skin to be nourished to the maximum. To maintain moisture And helps to adjust the condition of the skin to wake up beautiful But for

"Give away ideas on how to think of daily food"

“Give away ideas on how to think of daily food”

During detention times, many people have to stay at home for several days. Most of the food to eat friends. Probably relying on delivery service, right? But as time goes by, the idea of ​​looking for something to eat gets more and more. I can’t think of anything to

"Surf Skate" with good health benefits

“Surf Skate” with good health benefits

It can be said that it really surpasses all sports with Surf Skate, which is a combination of skateboarding and surfing. As for the reason It became so popular, it was because during the viral epidemic, people were craving for surfing, making it one of the

"Mushrooms" nutritional value, good health

“Mushrooms” nutritional value, good health

Among all the foods, “mushrooms” are unique. Because in biology, mushrooms are neither plants nor animals. But in a way food is classified as a vegetable. Mushrooms are therefore one of the main dishes that vegetarians enjoy and are a favorite for health lovers. Including delicious food lovers will not miss