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How to exercise for 1 hour a day to lose weight

How to exercise for 1 hour a day to lose weight

According to a study published on the American College of Sports Medicine website, one hour of vigorous exercise every day lost more weight than people who exercised only 2-3 times faster heart rate. times a week Some of the reasons come from People who exercise regularly tend to eat more food to replace the part that has to be exerted

5 foods you shouldn't eat before exercising

5 foods you shouldn’t eat before exercising

Exercising, recently, many people have turned to pay more attention to their health. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak That has not disappeared Plus, there are still new waves that keep coming back. Maintaining the body to be healthy is always a very important issue, which is easy to maintain

6 Ways to "walk to stimulate metabolism"

6 Ways to “walk to stimulate metabolism”

Walking to stimulate metabolism It cannot be denied that “walking” is one of the daily activities of each person. Some people use walking for health care, such as walking to work, walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Walk to talk to your coworker instead of